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CeMAP® Training Introduction

CeMAP courses in Sheffield Since the CeMAP® (Certificate in Mortgage Advice & Practice) qualification was first introduced during the late 1990s, Sheffield has always been one of our most popular CeMAP® training venues. We provide our CeMAP® training courses at dedicated training locations within Sheffield city centre or at Meadowhall, close to the M1 motorway.

CeMAP® training is the first step you need to take if you are looking to become a mortgage adviser, whether self-employed or employed, and intensive CeMAP® training courses are widely recognised to be the fastest and most effective way to achieve success with these valuable mortgage qualifications. However, we also provide two other CeMAP® learning options, so we have a CeMAP® solution to match everyone's budget and personal circumstances.

To be successful on our CeMAP® intensive courses or our CeMAP® home study programme, you need no academic qualifications whatsoever, nor do you need any industry experience. In fact, the vast majority of our successful CeMAP® delegates came to us with no formal qualifications and CeMAP training in Sheffield absolutely no financial services experience. All our CeMAP® courses are specifically designed for individuals who are completely new to the mortgage industry, although we also train many who currently work within the banking and mortgage sectors.

Since the late 1990s, our professionally qualified CeMAP® trainers have provided  CeMAP® training for thousands of people throughout the United Kingdom, conducting CeMAP® courses in London, Cardiff, Chelmsford, Norwich, Liverpool, Birmingham, Coventry, Manchester, Sheffield, Bristol, Leicester, Leeds, Bradford, Newcastle, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Belfast.

CeMAP® Qualification Structure

To achieve an overall pass with the CeMAP® qualification, you need to pass each of the following 3 CeMAP® modules:
  • CeMAP1® - UK Financial Regulation
  • CeMAP2® - Mortgages
  • CeMAP3® - Assessment of Mortgage Advice Knowledge

CeMAP1® - UK Financial Regulation (divided into Units 1 & 2)

Unit 1 topics are:
- The UK financial services industry
- Financial asset classifications
- Financial services product types
- Financial advice areas
- The process of giving financial advice
- Legal concepts relevant to financial services
- The impact of inflation and other economic factors

Unit 2 topics are:
- The main aims and activities of the FSA
- How other laws impact on businesses and the process of advising clients
- The FSA approach to regulation
- FSA rules and control structures within firms

CeMAP2® - Mortgages (divided into Units 3, 4, 5 & 6)

Unit 3: Mortgage Law, Policy, Practice and Markets
- Borrowers
- Mortgage and property law
- The house buying process

Unit 4: Mortgage Applications
- Assessment of status
- Assessment of security
- Guarantors and additional security
- From offer of advance to completion
- Insurance

Unit 5: Mortgage Payment Methods and Products
- Methods of repayment
- Other mortgage products and insurance
- Pricing of mortgage products

Unit 6: Mortgage Arrears and Post Completion Matters
- Arrears, debt management and recovery
- Other post completion matters
- Further advances

CeMAP3® - Assessment of Mortgage Advice Knowledge (divided into parts, A, B & C)

Part A: Giving advice on The Mortgage Application Process

Part B: Giving advice on the process from Offer of Advance to Completion

Part C: Giving advice on Post Completion Matters

The Benefits of Professional CeMAP® Training

  • Much easier than having to learn from the LIBF manuals without assistance and guidance
  • You can complete the CeMAP® courses quickly and without distraction
  • The course content is presented in bite-sized chunks (study blocks) for easy learning
  • Each study block has its own test, which is completed and marked in the group
  • Support is immediately available from our top quality CeMAP® trainers

Summary of CeMAP® Training in Sheffield

OK, that's the end of this CeMAP® introduction and I hope you found it to be informative.

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What Next?

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  • If you would like to consider our CeMAP® distance learning (home study) option, please click CeMAP ONLINE.
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