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CeMAP® Home Study Programme

There are very few business sectors that cannot benefit from the use of modern technologies and the training and development arena must enthusiastically embrace the new opportunities that the 21st century brings us. The world's educators have a great responsibility in their various fields by ensuring that future generations are able to take mankind to a higher level of intelligence and understanding with every new generation.

At Blue Cherry Financial Training, we are proud of our success in utilising the latest technologies alongside the traditional teaching skills to ensure an enjoyable and rewarding learning experience. Our distance learning solution combines all of the following elements within each of our online courses:
  • CeMAP® Distance Learning System - CDLS) - A bespoke software package (containing all the necessary study material in written form, which serves as a reference companion for the video tutorials
  • CeMAP® Video Tutorials - CDLS) - A series of audio-visual online web tutorials for selected sections.
  • Knowledge Test Section - The CDLS also comprises over 5,000 exam questions (and answers) for maximum interaction
  • Test History Feature - The CDLS also includes a test history chart, which enables you to track and measure your progress as you work through the course towards exam success
In combining these four elements within our total distance learning solution, we provide the most innovative and resourceful solution available in the marketplace. It is suitable for students at all levels, being convenient, flexible and adaptable to the needs of the marketplace. Furthermore, access is available to students 24/7 and is not bound to a specific day or time.

We believe that achieving success with CeMAP® should not be dependent on you spending your time locked in a classroom. We have the right tools to enable you to achieve success without the need for classroom training.


Q1. Do you provide online or computer-based training?

Yes we do, through our CeMAP® Distance Learning System (computer-based) and, very importantly, this option comes with live telephone & email support throughout the period of your study. This software package has well over 5,000 CeMAP® exam questions and CeFA® exam questions built in.

We understand that not everyone is able to take 5 days away from work or from the family. In these circumstances, it is generally much easier (and cheaper) to study at home, at times that fit in with your other commitments and responsibilities.

Also, for those on a tight budget, this is by far the least expensive option available anywhere in the UK, yet there is no compromise on quality.

Many choose to take this option in addition to a couple of days of one-to-one training, although this is entirely optional. The computer-based course gives you all that the classroom courses give you.

Take a look at our CEMAP TRAINING OPTIONS for full details.

Q2. Which exam should I take first?

Whether you are attending a classroom course or completing our Home Study course, we recommend that CeMAP1® be taken before CeMAP2&3®. This is because CeMAP3® should always be taken last, as its questions are drawn from CeMAP1&2®. With classroom learning, CeMAP2&3® are done on the same 5-day intensive course, so, depending on your trainer, there could be gaps in your learning if you were to take CeMAP2&3® first.

Q3. How much would this cost?

Considering the training cost, although most people recognise this to be a very valuable investment rather than an expense, there is inevitably the need for some pain before we realise the gain.

The London Institute of Banking & Finance charges £172 to register you for each of the three CeMAP® modules and their fees entitle you to the following:

  • Registration for 12 months (during which time you must take the exam)

  • A comprehensive study manual

  • The cost of the module's examination

Beyond this, we aim to keep your costs to an absolute minimum by providing CeMAP® training online courses. Clearly, with CeMAP® training online, you can avoid the travel and hotel accommodation costs that are often required with group classroom training.

There is currently no VAT to add to the cost of our CeMAP® training courses and the total cost is as follows:

  • CeMAP1® Online - £195

  • CeMAP2® Online - £195

  • CeMAP3® Online - £195 (or FREE to those who have completed CeMAP2® and CeMAP3® with us.)

While some CeMAP® training companies will encourage you to pay for all their courses at once, we actively discourage this. We are confident that our customers will choose to use us for the second course because they will be entirely happy with the quality of our first course. Consequently, we recommend that our courses are paid for individually at the same time as registering for each CeMAP® module with the London Institute of Banking & Finance. Why pay for three courses before you have satisfied yourself as to the quality of the first course?

Q4. How can this be done at such a low cost?

It's a fair question and I'm certainly not going to ask you to mind your own business! Quite simply, because our overheads are covered by our other training division, we are able to keep our CeMAP® training division very lean and efficient. Our reduced administration costs enable us to undercut our competitors massively without compromising the quality of the service we provide. We are then able to pass on this reduction to our customers and do a higher volume of business as a consequence. Beware of the companies that would take your money and run!

Q5. How long should this take?

You would determine this by the amount of study you put in each day, but a typical programme could be completed in 13 weeks, as follows:

Stage 1 - As soon as you're ready to take the first step towards changing your life

  • Register with us for our CeMAP1® training course - Blue Cherry Cost: £195

  • Complete our CeMAP1® online training course (typically 6 weeks)

  • Register with the LIBF for the CeMAP1® exam - LIBF Cost: £172

  • Book your CeMAP1® exam to coincide with your completion of our course 

  • Pass the CeMAP1® examination

  • Typical timeframe from start to finish: 6 weeks

Stage 2 - As soon as you've passed CeMAP1®

  • Register with us for our CeMAP2® training course - Blue Cherry Cost: £195

  • Complete our CeMAP2® online training course (typically 6 weeks)

  • Register with the LIBF for CeMAP® Module 2 - LIBF Cost: £172

  • Book your CeMAP2® exam to coincide with your completion of our course

  • Typical timeframe from start to finish: 6 weeks

Stage 3 - As soon as you've passed CeMAP2®

  • Register with us for our CeMAP3® training course - Blue Cherry Cost: £195 (or FREE to those who complete the first two modules with us)

  • Complete our CeMAP3® online training course (typically 1 week)

  • Register with the LIBF for CeMAP® Module 3 - LIBF Cost: £172

  • Book your CeMAP3® exam to coincide with your completion of our course

  • Typical timeframe: 1 week

Note: The CeMAP3® examination is designed to test your ability to apply the knowledge learned in CeMAP1&2® by answering 10 questions on each of six individual case studies. This is the reason that CeMAP3® MUST be taken AFTER CeMAP1&2® have been passed. Our CeMAP3® online course prepares you for the case study format and, since our delegates have already passed CeMAP1&2® before taking CeMAP3®, the CeMAP3® online course is much shorter than the time required for CeMAP1&2®.

If you would like to register your interest in our company, please make yourself known by any of the methods shown on our CONTACT US page.

Q6. I am a complete beginner. Will the courses be beyond me?

Our CeMAP® training online courses are designed for complete beginners. In fact, it is often the experienced person who finds CeMAP® courses more challenging because s/he has to effectively forget what they know to be true in their own companies, while concentrating on what happens in CeMAP® world, where the knowledge is often very general.

Q7. I have a poor credit record. Will I be able to register with the FCA as a mortgage adviser?

Once you have completed your CeMAP® training, you can either become directly authorised with the FCA or you can become a representative of a network or an employee of an employer that is authorised by the FCA. If you choose the second option, as would be wise for newly qualified individuals you can choose to be either employed by an employer, or to remain self-employed and associated with a network.

Since no training provider can guarantee that you would find placement if you have a poor credit record, you would be wise to speak to the recruitment consultants before spending any money on any training courses.

Q8. Where will the training courses be held?

Clearly, if you choose online training, everything is done in the comfort of your own home, at times that suit you and that fit in with your other commitments.

Q9. Will I be able to get help if I'm unsure about anything?

Yes, of course. Online training only works effectively if it is provided with top quality support. Once you are registered with us, you will have access to telephone and email support throughout the period of your study with us.

Q10. Can you help with placement after I have passed the CeMAP® exams?

Yes we can. Again, it's a free part of our service for those who want to take advantage of it. We would discuss your preferred route with you before you even register with us. By doing this, you have a good idea of what the options available beyond passing your exams.

Q11. How does the course registration process work?

Step 1 - Initial Contact.

You contact us to express your initial interest in CeMAP® training.

Step 2 - Initial Conversation.

We will ask our Head of Training to speak with you to answer any initial questions you may have.

Step 3 - Registration.

When you are happy to proceed, we will ask you to formally register by selecting and making payment for your first course.

Step 4 - Acknowledgement & Utility Download.

As soon as your payment has cleared, we will write to acknowledge receipt of your Course Fee and we will give you instructions on how to download our computer-based learning utility.

Step 5 - Training.

You work at times to suit you, fitting in with your family responsibilities and work commitments. There are no other requirements. There is no dress code while you are sat at home studying. The course is fully structured and your tutor is available to answer your questions throughout your whole study period. Buy an extra jar of coffee!!!

If you would like to register your interest in our company, please make yourself known by any of the methods shown on our CONTACT US page.

Alternatively, you can explore our other TRAINING OPTIONS to see if we have a better alternative to suit you.

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